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Count down to my Retreat

There are still some spots available.  Email me at to secure your place.

I have called this Retreat “Where psychology and spirituality walk hand in hand” because my personal experience has been, that psychology (understanding the behaviour of ourselves and those around us) can be the KEY to unlock our spirituality…. AND indeed the other way round. Spirituality can be the KEY to unlock and understand ourselves and those around us (psychology).

By spirituality, I don’t mean religion…. Spirituality is our own personal journey, “with” and “to” OURSELVES.

Click here for more details on my Retreat.

If you can’t make it to Kings Creek Retreat, Krambach this weekend to join us, I will be adapting the weekend for an online course.  This will be available early November.  Keep an eye out or drop me a line if you are interested.

Peace and Harmony to all



I know how to maintain my perfect body weight!

This is how – I ask myself these questions

  1.   Do I feel comfortable in my skin?
  2.   Am I eating, ONLY when I am physically hungry?
  3.   Am I being ACTIVE every day?

We ignore these simple questions because we are afraid of being overweight or unhealthy… And we end up overweight.

Instead, we think

  1. I have to be healthy, so I don’t get diabetes, or cancer or any other horrible disease.
  2. To be healthy, I have to make sure I have ‘so much of this, so much of that’ in my daily food consumption.
  3. And if I can’t get enough of ‘this or that’ I better take supplements.
  4. If I take supplements, I have to take them with food.

So we end up over eating, just to try to get “what THEY say, we SHOULD or are SUPPOSED TO”

A baby has the most incredible growth and development in the first 6 months of their lives… How do they possibly do that with only milk? Why don’t they need ‘this and that’?

I believe the answer is to learn to TRUST your body… It knows what it needs.

Try eating ONLY, when you are physically hungry and ONLY eat enough to satisfy that physical hunger, instead of overfilling your stomach.

Please remember though, if your Doctor has you on a diet for an underlying, diagnosed illness or issue, please maintain his diet.  I am not recommending any changes for you, if this is your situation.

Peace and harmony to all




Exciting event coming…….

Where psychology and spirituality walk hand in hand Retreat”

Will include, but not be limited to:

  • Meditations + explanation of benefits and types
  • Using Art as therapy
  • Reiki + explanation of its benefits
  • Relaxation Therapies
  • Using nature for healing
  • Mental Health and Life skills consultation
  • General discussion and question time

Peace and harmony to all





Marketing tricksters

My Dad used to say ‘Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see’…. Interesting if you think about it, but today I want to point out a little marketing trick.

This is mainly for Australian readers, but watch for it where you live.

We have ‘Industry Super Funds’ which are marketed as the best superannuation funds for ‘high returns’.  There are a number of Industry super funds and they all display this symbol image

However, many superannuation funds say they are ‘Industry super funds’, however without the symbol indicating their satisfaction of the criteria necessary to be a member of the ‘Industry super fund’, they are tricking their audience.

Remember to do your research thoroughly if you wish to be in an ‘Indusrty Super Fund’.

The same also applies to accreditation for adult training and education.  Look for this symbol if you want your studies to be nationally recognised in Australia.



Peace and harmony to all


Please be aware this is not considered financial advise.  This is purely information about marketing.