Marketing tricksters

My Dad used to say ‘Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see’…. Interesting if you think about it, but today I want to point out a little marketing trick.

This is mainly for Australian readers, but watch for it where you live.

We have ‘Industry Super Funds’ which are marketed as the best superannuation funds for ‘high returns’.  There are a number of Industry super funds and they all display this symbol image

However, many superannuation funds say they are ‘Industry super funds’, however without the symbol indicating their satisfaction of the criteria necessary to be a member of the ‘Industry super fund’, they are tricking their audience.

Remember to do your research thoroughly if you wish to be in an ‘Indusrty Super Fund’.

The same also applies to accreditation for adult training and education.  Look for this symbol if you want your studies to be nationally recognised in Australia.



Peace and harmony to all


Please be aware this is not considered financial advise.  This is purely information about marketing.

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