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Weight loss, without dieting

So many people are confused by the many many different suggestions to lose weight.

But has anyone suggested that your body will naturally know what food it needs and when it needs it? Your body will also tell you when it is full.

Why not learn to listen to your body and learn to understand the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

Geneen Roth wrote a book many years ago, which explained that concept to me very well. I try to live that way and when I am successful, my weight stabilises and I am comfortable in my skin.  When I am not so successful, I begin to feel bloated and uncomfortable…. All new skills take a bit of learning, so I don’t beat myself up, if I get it wrong every now and then.

Here is a link to a short audio, which outlines the concept in a matter of minutes. If this link does not work for you, please email me at and I will email you the link.

Here is an outline of Geneen’s book.  Feel free to check it out, both here and other online places.  She has lots of interesting interviews online and other resources.


Peace and harmony to all


Colouring in for stress relief

Why has colouring in become so popular to cope with stress?

Colouring in intricate pictures focuses your mind away from the stresses and worries that can spin round and round endlessly in your mind.

With colouring your focus is on ‘staying inside the lines’ and creating something beautiful, so everything else melts into insignificance…..

The same thing happens when you meditate 😉

Here is a link to some free adult colouring pages to get you started

Happy colouring 🙂

Email me a photo of your finished art work.

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Check  out my Book Nook for a link to the ‘home page’ for 5 Love Languages.

Please leave your feedback if you get the chance to read the book.  Remember that sharing may help someone who is struggling.  It is refreshing and heartening to know that other people have experienced something similar to you.

Have your say

Parents beyond breakup – empowering families, creating futures – incorporates Dads in distress and Mums in distress.

They want your feedback on a new online resource for Dads/Mums in distress.  You have the opportunity to voice your opinion on how that online resource may operate and how it can support you.

Click here to complete the feedback for them if you wish.

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Let’s not forget Dads

Here is a very valuable link for ‘Dads in Distress’, otherwise known as DIDS.

They offer information and support for separated Dads who may feel there is no one out there for them.

Check it out.

Peace and harmony to all





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Credit card tip…. Unknown changes

Don’t find out the hard way. When topping up your ‘betting’ account using PayPal it will be treated as a ‘cash advance’, if your PayPal account is linked to your Credit Card. This has only come into effect within the last few weeks.

You may say, that is ok, I pay my credit card closing balance, every month, before it is due.

But no… You will accrue the additional interest charge for a cash advance UNTIL the balance on your credit card is NIL – Zero. You could be paying high credit card interest on your gambling for YEARS!

How clever of the banks to exploit the unsuspecting gambling public and unfortunately the people who will be most affected by this change are those addicted to gambling.
SHAME on you, Banks!!!

Take care