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Don’t let Grief bring you ‘grief’

You will walk the path alone,

But know others have walked that path before you and many will walk it after you.

Your body needs to continue to work through the stages of grief.

“They” say time heals all… but when you are grieving you don’t want to hear that… and you wish the people who try to make you feel better would just leave you alone…

When you are ready there is an abundance of support to help you through the pain of grief.

Just remember you are not the only one who will walk this path.


Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Try drumming for mindfulness and meditation

Over the next few weeks, we will look at drumming to enhance our mindfulness/meditation routine.

Check out my Facebook page for a small sample

Peace and harmony to all


Happiness is ……..

Terrible, Thanks for Asking..

A beautiful young lady came to see me the other day. She had recently lost her husband to cancer and she was struggling.

We talked about the usual types of things that can support us, when grief comes to visit, but she wasn’t drawn to anything we discussed.

She did promise though that she would book an appointment with a grief counsellor.

On her next appointment, I could instantly tell something had changed. There was a smile on her face, a skip in her step and humour in her words.
I asked what had happened since we last met… she said, she found this wonderful ‘Podcast’ and although she cried at nearly every episode, it really made her feel better.
She went on to explain, that the Podcast is about the stories of everyday people, who have had sadness and tragedy knock on their door.

It is called “Terrible, thanks for asking” Click here to listen

I have since listened to a few episodes and I too, can vouch for the incredible effect it had on me.

Thank you “Terrible, thanks for asking” team

Peace and harmony to all

Online Wellness Course

Try our online course, or our mentoring program.

New online course available – “Introduction to Wellness in Mind, Body and

Spirit”. (Adapted from my weekend Retreats)

Cost $95.00 AUD

Email for payment details and Course


Study at your leisure.

Lots of fun and creative exercises to help you get started on your journey to personal wellness.

If you feel lost and you don’t know where to look to get help… try looking within – there you may find the answers.

This course is the first step on that journey.

Peace and harmony to all


Try this exercise when anxiety starts to build…

Try to visualise your anxiety as a small child knocking at your front door.

The child may be wet, cold and afraid, or the child may be agitated and aggressive.

However you see the child – take him/her in your arms and reassure the child that it is safe…

Ask the child the following questions and jot down, what ever response comes to mind/heart/body first.

“What are you feeling”?

“What has happened that you felt the need to come to see me today?”

“What are you trying to tell me or show me?”

Then visualise sitting with the child on your lap, in silence for as long as you feel comfortable.

Continue to reassure the child that it is safe.

Dont worry if you don’t feel anything, when you first start using this exercise.

Each time you stop and acknowledge the anxiety, and just sit with it, you will find it gets easier and easier to just rest, until the anxiety/child feels ready to move on.

Over time, it will be like an old friend coming to sit quietly with you on your front verandah.

You will know that it isn’t coming to harm you.

You will know that it will pass.

You will know that it just wants to be acknowledged.

Peace and harmony to all



Updated Resources and Courses

Check out Therapist Aid  on my Resources and Courses page.  It is a very valuable website… you will be surprised what you will find there.

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf