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Emotions are like the surf


Emotions are meant to rise and fall like the surf.

Some days the surf is rough, some days it is calm or on the days when the sun glistens on its surface it is glorious.

If we learn to ride our emotions like the surf our levels of anxiety, stress and depression will pass.

Lets just learn to keep our emotions out of ‘the rip ……’

Peace and harmony to all.


Why do I get upset when someone lies to me?

We have been taught that lying is a bad thing, but at the same time we were conditioned to lie as we grew up…. So where does that leave us? How does that make us feel?

Lets take an honest look at lying. Here is a very interesting perspective, that may help you look at the situation differently, or at least dissolve your emotional reaction when lies are discovered in your environment.

Peace and harmony to all



Anxiety and depression

The majority of instances of anxiety and depression is simply a result of our habitual thought processes.

Check out  ACT Mindfully to find a way out.

Peace and harmony to all



Climate Change

“Not more about climate change” I hear you moan…

“Hasn’t there been enough discussion about that, and opinions are divided”.

But here is some food for thought.  I learned the other day, that the Australian Plate is moving north at approximately 5.6 cm per year.

Wouldn’t that have a dramatic impact on climate over time?

Check it out – see what you discover and let me know.

Peace and harmony to all



Marketing tricksters

My Dad used to say ‘Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see’…. Interesting if you think about it, but today I want to point out a little marketing trick.

This is mainly for Australian readers, but watch for it where you live.

We have ‘Industry Super Funds’ which are marketed as the best superannuation funds for ‘high returns’.  There are a number of Industry super funds and they all display this symbol image

However, many superannuation funds say they are ‘Industry super funds’, however without the symbol indicating their satisfaction of the criteria necessary to be a member of the ‘Industry super fund’, they are tricking their audience.

Remember to do your research thoroughly if you wish to be in an ‘Indusrty Super Fund’.

The same also applies to accreditation for adult training and education.  Look for this symbol if you want your studies to be nationally recognised in Australia.



Peace and harmony to all


Please be aware this is not considered financial advise.  This is purely information about marketing.

Labelling sticks


Please can we stop labelling ‘everybody’.

If we label a child naughty, the child will continue to behave in a naughty manner.

If we label an adolescent depressed, the adolescent will not learn to be resilient and that emotions both good and bad are part of life and will pass if left to flow naturally.

If we label a child as autistic, that child will live their life with a sigma.

Why can’t we just accept everyone, exactly how they are??

No one needs a label…

I am!

You are!

Peace and harmony to all