Monthly Archives: December 2016

I have had enough………

When you get that feeling that you have had enough and you want to run away….leave it all behind

from your job, partner, peer group

….just remember

What you run away from

You will run right into again….

Unless you change the way you run

Peace and harmony to all


Living in the now

Everywhere I look, they say ‘live in the now’

but nowhere does it explain exactly ‘HOW’

There are simple questions to ask yourself that can help train you, to ‘live in the now’

Throughout the day try to remember this little exercise and try it as often as you remember.  In time, it will become a natural, habitual way of thinking.

* Stop and observe your thoughts…..

* Ask yourself  “Is this thought about something that happened in the past?”  Be it a minute ago, or a year ago.

* Ask yourself “Is this thought about something in the future?”  Be is about tomorrow or many years from now.

* If the answer to either of these questions is yes – then identify that it is not ‘in the now’ and practise letting those thoughts go.

Remember that you can’t change past and the future is yet to be discovered.

So take a look around you and using all of your physical senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, bring your attention back to this ‘moment’.

What can I see?

What can I hear?

What can I feel on my skin?

What can I taste?

What can I smell?

With practise you will get better at ‘living in the present moment’

Peace and harmony to all





It hurts

It is confusing

It is debilitating

But it isn’t how you have to live your life

With gentle support you can learn to

Push Through Stimulus Door


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

to a better life.

Peace and harmony to all