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Honouring our children



I saw something today that has inspired me to draw our attention to how we cultivate a relationship with our children.

As I was driving to town, a good 20 minute drive, I noticed in the car behind me a young teenager and her Mum.  I imagine given the time of day, Mum was dropping her daughter off at high school.

We were stopped at traffic lights for a considerable time and I had the opportunity to watch their interaction.

I was disappointed…. Mum spent the entire time I was watching, talking on the phone and the young lady spent her time just looking out the window.

I remembered when I used to travel with my kids and we would, chat, laugh and sing …. They still remember it fondly …. And it was a great opportunity for me to show them how important it was to me to spend time conversing with them.

As time goes by the Mum I saw today may wonder why her daughter would rather be on the phone, than talking to her Mum. I won’t wonder… Obviously whoever was on the phone was more important than her daughter…. Even for those few valuable minutes.

Think carefully about how you create a good, lasting relationship with your kids.

Peace and harmony to all




Anxiety support

My personal experience has shown me, that there is an abundance of extra understanding that comes from a practitioner who has suffered anxiety.

They get you.

They remember.

They can show you what helped them live with anxiety.

Peace and harmony to all


Happiness is ……..

Back pain




After the birth of my third child, at the age of 30, I developed back pain.  I remember talking to my wonderful GP and he gave me some simple advice.

He said, I know you have been doing your pelvic floor exercises, but now I would suggest you focus on your core muscles.

Surprisingly, with a little focused attention on my core muscles, the back pain disappeared.

Now, every time I start getting back pain, I check in with my core muscle routine ?

Try these for starters and see if it works for you.

Remember to go gently and consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

Peace and harmony to all


Relationship Research – take this quick quiz

There are only 5 questions……

Outline: I talk to lots of people about relationships and everyone has a different idea of what their relationship should be like. I am conducting this research to see what the common elements are in a ‘great intimate relationship’.

Criteria: You must be over 18 years old and in a cohabitational intimate relationship

No personal data is collected, nor kept in the research.

Gender ………..

Age ……..

Length of relationship…….

Length of time living together ……….

What are the 4 most important things in your relationship…..
Please answer with a simple sentence for each of the 4 things.

You can respond using the reply button above, or email

Peace and harmony to all




Address the stress……..

Most of the time we get bogged down by stress… stuck in the stress!

A never ending merry go round of stress.

I like to encourage my clients to think outside the square… let me tell you a story.

I had a young lady who would come for Reiki on a regular basis.

I had noticed that she had been getting a bit more unsettled every time she would come see me, so I asked what was up.

She explained that she and her husband wanted to buy their first home, but because, they had a young child and she only worked part time, they couldn’t afford to get into the housing market.

It was causing lots of problems in their relationship, lots of sleepless nights and lots of stress.

I suggested that we white board some solutions……

…..outside the square…..

and we agreed to one possible alternative solution.

She went to see a financial advisor and see if they would be able to buy a small investment property first,

then in a few years use the equity in the investment property to help secure their long awaited family home.

Such a simple solution has given them, something exciting to work towards, and that particular stressor has been removed.

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Disclaimer. This is not intended as financial advice

Please talk to your financial advisor with regard to any financial decisions.

Stop using the word ‘Healing’

We do not do ourselves any favours when we talk about personal ‘healing’.

What does that mean?

It means we believe that there is something wrong with us.

That is so aggressive to ourselves

That is so destructive to ourselves

Lets aim for ‘acceptance’ and realise we dont need healing because there is nothing about us that is wrong or broken

Peace and harmony to all