I know how to maintain my perfect body weight!

This is how – I ask myself these questions

  1.   Do I feel comfortable in my skin?
  2.   Am I eating, ONLY when I am physically hungry?
  3.   Am I being ACTIVE every day?

We ignore these simple questions because we are afraid of being overweight or unhealthy… And we end up overweight.

Instead, we think

  1. I have to be healthy, so I don’t get diabetes, or cancer or any other horrible disease.
  2. To be healthy, I have to make sure I have ‘so much of this, so much of that’ in my daily food consumption.
  3. And if I can’t get enough of ‘this or that’ I better take supplements.
  4. If I take supplements, I have to take them with food.

So we end up over eating, just to try to get “what THEY say, we SHOULD or are SUPPOSED TO”

A baby has the most incredible growth and development in the first 6 months of their lives… How do they possibly do that with only milk? Why don’t they need ‘this and that’?

I believe the answer is to learn to TRUST your body… It knows what it needs.

Try eating ONLY, when you are physically hungry and ONLY eat enough to satisfy that physical hunger, instead of overfilling your stomach.

Please remember though, if your Doctor has you on a diet for an underlying, diagnosed illness or issue, please maintain his diet.  I am not recommending any changes for you, if this is your situation.

Peace and harmony to all




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