Count down to my Retreat

There are still some spots available.  Email me at to secure your place.

I have called this Retreat “Where psychology and spirituality walk hand in hand” because my personal experience has been, that psychology (understanding the behaviour of ourselves and those around us) can be the KEY to unlock our spirituality…. AND indeed the other way round. Spirituality can be the KEY to unlock and understand ourselves and those around us (psychology).

By spirituality, I don’t mean religion…. Spirituality is our own personal journey, “with” and “to” OURSELVES.

Click here for more details on my Retreat.

If you can’t make it to Kings Creek Retreat, Krambach this weekend to join us, I will be adapting the weekend for an online course.  This will be available early November.  Keep an eye out or drop me a line if you are interested.

Peace and Harmony to all



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