Count down to the Retreat

In the weeks leading up to my Retreat, at Kings Creek Retreat, Krambach on the weekend of 14th October, 2016, I would like to introduce you to our guests.

Meet Helen.  Helen is holding a Yoga session on the Saturday afternoon.  She wishes to share a little about herself.


If, like many of us, you are sometimes aware of stiff muscles, anxious thoughts and a general feeling of unease, then I believe you will enjoy my program.

After being a teacher in schools and university for over 40 years, I am retired now in Forster where I have been teaching yoga for the past five years. I have practiced yoga for over 12 years and have completed a Certificate in Yoga Teaching and am currently studying a Diploma in Yoga Teaching.

After a major illness that led to my retirement, I was fortunate to discover yoga. My own experience has taught me that yoga can help us not only to move more freely but also to start to change some old habits that we might be finding are no longer helpful. As our bodies become more flexible, our mind also starts to be able to imagine different ways of responding to situations and people that we might find difficult.

In my session, you can learn some movement and meditation practices that can assist you to enter a deep level of relaxation of mind and body:

– gentle stretching (yoga asanas), building flexibility and strength,
– relaxation and breathing practices as well as
– Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye) and meditation.

The gentle movement, relaxation and meditation gently allow physical and mental blockages to release. The Kum Nye practices in particular help our over-active mind to slow down, creating space to allow us to get in touch with our body and our deeper needs – those aspects of ourselves that we so often ignore in the rush of everyday life. We can experience the benefits of living in the present.
You can come to understand that through making some simple changes, you can gain enhanced physical and mental well-being and a sense of managing your life.

With regular practice, your body becomes stronger and more flexible through the physical practices and your mind becomes more resilient and able to cope with everyday demands in a way that is at once gentle and strong.

I look forward to meeting you at the retreat and sharing ways you can begin to find joy and nourishment through being deeply in touch with yourself in every moment.

Strand St Yoga, 23 Strand St, Forster





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