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I hear you ask, why ‘Lone Wolf’? Wolves are not, by nature, a ‘lone’ animal! Let me explain….. I have long considered ‘lone wolf’ my spirit symbol or spirit name. And a few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a considerable length of time ‘contemplating my navel’ (so to speak) in solitude, with nature, and this symbolic spiritual name was reaffirmed for me.

The wolf is a symbol of the true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness. The wolf trusts its own senses and instincts. It possesses deep faith and profound understanding. As a great communicator and teacher it shows, generosity, loyalty and compassion. And, yes, wolves are an animal of community, and yes, I consider myself a member of a community; called ‘humanity’ (and I do have a very loving family and friendship group) but ‘lone’ refers to my personal spiritual beliefs.

‘Lone’ indicates that I have no affiliations to any religious or spiritual group. My spirituality comes from within, from my heart, and does not need to be the same as others. I understand other religions and spiritual organisations, and have some similar beliefs to some of them, but there are areas where I do not agree and this is the core essence behind the word ‘lone’.

I believe that our own spirituality is a personal journey, and whilst we can connect with others and their supportive communities, fundamentally, it is only our own intrinsic spirituality that we must honour… Sometimes that differs from other’s beliefs … and that is OK 🙂

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