Where two or more gather in love…..

Some people pray on Sunday, some gather to bring light and love to the world.

Join Shamar and Lone Wolf Harmony every Sunday, to gather and sit in nature to bring more light and love, by lifting our energetic vibration.

Bring a friend, a blanket and an umbrella if you need. Sunday at 10.00am in Forster NSW.

Come find us near ‘The Tanks’. Opposite the school, near the bottom of the stairs heading up to Bennetts head

Love and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Let LOVE shine… lets help each other

Here at Lonewolf harmony, we are all about love, light and peace.  Unfortunately at the moment, the world seems very dark and heavy.

I am hopeful that if you need a place to ‘download’, you feel comfortable to do it here, in comments and/or feedback.  Your privacy will be respected.

This website is not monitored constantly, but someone will get back to you, as soon as we can.

I am interested in pulling together a group that has the capacity to offer their time to talk to people online… to try to lighten the burden for those that are struggling.

Being a peaceful, loving organisation, we WILL NOT tolerate ‘hate speech’ or discrimination of any kind.

Reach out if you need, or if you can help.

Peace and love to all

Lone Wolf Harmony



COVID 19 Mental Health Support

Wow! What a time this is!

Everyone is impacted, even in what may appear to be insignificant ways.

Lonewolfharmony has decided to be a place of support for mental health and communication at this time. Just add a comment, ask for assistance (we will do our best to point you in the right direction) or just to have someone to talk to.

Please remember this is not for medical, or statistical purposes. This is purely an offer of support to fellow travellers on this journey that need to reach out.

Don’t let Grief bring you ‘grief’

You will walk the path alone,

But know others have walked that path before you and many will walk it after you.

Your body needs to continue to work through the stages of grief.

“They” say time heals all… but when you are grieving you don’t want to hear that… and you wish the people who try to make you feel better would just leave you alone…

When you are ready there is an abundance of support to help you through the pain of grief.

Just remember you are not the only one who will walk this path.


Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Honouring our children



I saw something today that has inspired me to draw our attention to how we cultivate a relationship with our children.

As I was driving to town, a good 20 minute drive, I noticed in the car behind me a young teenager and her Mum.  I imagine given the time of day, Mum was dropping her daughter off at high school.

We were stopped at traffic lights for a considerable time and I had the opportunity to watch their interaction.

I was disappointed…. Mum spent the entire time I was watching, talking on the phone and the young lady spent her time just looking out the window.

I remembered when I used to travel with my kids and we would, chat, laugh and sing …. They still remember it fondly …. And it was a great opportunity for me to show them how important it was to me to spend time conversing with them.

As time goes by the Mum I saw today may wonder why her daughter would rather be on the phone, than talking to her Mum. I won’t wonder… Obviously whoever was on the phone was more important than her daughter…. Even for those few valuable minutes.

Think carefully about how you create a good, lasting relationship with your kids.

Peace and harmony to all