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Geneen Roth – Eating Guidelines

There is common sense and a feeling of ‘knowing it to be true’ when you read Geneen Roth’s Eating Guidelines.

See my Book Nook Page for a link to more from Geneen Roth.

Peace and harmony to all

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Grief is a Journey

Sometimes people get lost in grief.  Some of the emotions that you could get stuck on might include; guilt, shame, loss, sadness and obsession.  In the normal process these will pass in time.  Seeking help to guide you through the maze of emotions and help you understand can ease the journey.

Start with a book like Grief is a Journey

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In one sentence, tell me why you smoke?

In one sentence, tell me why you smoke?

There is too much information on the best way to stop smoking.  It can be a problem in itself, just finding something that really works.  No one really understands the issues surrounding smoking (although everyone has an opinion).

I have done lots of work with clients who smoke, and who used to smoke and I have found this book to be extremely successful for those interested in  stopping smoking.

The easy way to stop smoking If you can’t attend a session, just read the book of the same name.

My research has shown that the most difficult thing about smoking, is changing the ‘habit’…. Not the addiction to nicotine.  It is a social/emotional/psychological habit, and understanding that is the first step in changing the smoking habit.

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Name 5 people who have impacted your life…..

I witnessed a profound personal interaction the other day, and I would like to share it with you now. (Names and minor details have been changed to protect those involved)

I was sitting at a local Cafe in a small village, enjoying the wonderful aroma and taste of my morning coffee, when I overheard a conversation at the next table.

A beautiful young woman (Susie) had approached the middle aged couple who sat at the next table, and she was telling the gentleman who she was and how she knew him.

It became apparent as the conversation unfolded, that the gentleman had been the tennis partner in a local competition over 10 years ago, of Susie’s younger sister (Jenny).  At that time Jenny was approximately 16 years old.  This was a small community and the tennis competition was a gathering place for young and old.

The middle aged gentlemen said that he remembered Jenny as they had played Doubles together for a few seasons.  Susie was sharing, how well Jenny was now doing with her life, and how the gentleman was instrumental in that success.  Apparently Jenny was troubled at 16, to such a degree that she had started acts of ‘self harm’ by cutting herself.  But the gentle acceptance, patience and inclusion demonstrated by her tennis partner had led Jenny to accept, be patient and inclusive of herself.

The middle aged gentleman had no idea how troubled Jenny had been, nor how he impacted her life.  Susie thanked him and walked away, as tears filled the gentlemans eyes.

This encounter reminded me of a great book – The Five_People_You_Meet_in_Heaven, by Mitch Albom.

It is a great read, that starts you thinking who has impacted your life.

AND, that you never know who may be affected by your attitude and behaviour….nor how profound that affect may be.

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Sydney rock fishing - getting ready

Sydney rock fishing – getting ready

Wanna publish your own work?

I was asked the other day, ‘how to get my book published’?  I have done a little research and offer the links here for you now to investigate publishing your own book – for free or minimal cost.

Balboa Press

Please let me know when you publish your first book. I will buy a copy ????

Weight loss, without dieting

So many people are confused by the many many different suggestions to lose weight.

But has anyone suggested that your body will naturally know what food it needs and when it needs it? Your body will also tell you when it is full.

Why not learn to listen to your body and learn to understand the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

Geneen Roth wrote a book many years ago, which explained that concept to me very well. I try to live that way and when I am successful, my weight stabilises and I am comfortable in my skin.  When I am not so successful, I begin to feel bloated and uncomfortable…. All new skills take a bit of learning, so I don’t beat myself up, if I get it wrong every now and then.

Here is a link to a short audio, which outlines the concept in a matter of minutes. If this link does not work for you, please email me at and I will email you the link.

Here is an outline of Geneen’s book.  Feel free to check it out, both here and other online places.  She has lots of interesting interviews online and other resources.


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The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Check  out my Book Nook for a link to the ‘home page’ for 5 Love Languages.

Please leave your feedback if you get the chance to read the book.  Remember that sharing may help someone who is struggling.  It is refreshing and heartening to know that other people have experienced something similar to you.