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Don’t let Grief bring you ‘grief’

You will walk the path alone,

But know others have walked that path before you and many will walk it after you.

Your body needs to continue to work through the stages of grief.

“They” say time heals all… but when you are grieving you don’t want to hear that… and you wish the people who try to make you feel better would just leave you alone…

When you are ready there is an abundance of support to help you through the pain of grief.

Just remember you are not the only one who will walk this path.


Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf

Grief is a Journey

Sometimes people get lost in grief.  Some of the emotions that you could get stuck on might include; guilt, shame, loss, sadness and obsession.  In the normal process these will pass in time.  Seeking help to guide you through the maze of emotions and help you understand can ease the journey.

Start with a book like Grief is a Journey

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf