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Anxiety support

My personal experience has shown me, that there is an abundance of extra understanding that comes from a practitioner who has suffered anxiety.

They get you.

They remember.

They can show you what helped them live with anxiety.

Peace and harmony to all


Try this exercise when anxiety starts to build…

Try to visualise your anxiety as a small child knocking at your front door.

The child may be wet, cold and afraid, or the child may be agitated and aggressive.

However you see the child – take him/her in your arms and reassure the child that it is safe…

Ask the child the following questions and jot down, what ever response comes to mind/heart/body first.

“What are you feeling”?

“What has happened that you felt the need to come to see me today?”

“What are you trying to tell me or show me?”

Then visualise sitting with the child on your lap, in silence for as long as you feel comfortable.

Continue to reassure the child that it is safe.

Dont worry if you don’t feel anything, when you first start using this exercise.

Each time you stop and acknowledge the anxiety, and just sit with it, you will find it gets easier and easier to just rest, until the anxiety/child feels ready to move on.

Over time, it will be like an old friend coming to sit quietly with you on your front verandah.

You will know that it isn’t coming to harm you.

You will know that it will pass.

You will know that it just wants to be acknowledged.

Peace and harmony to all



Emotions are like the surf


Emotions are meant to rise and fall like the surf.

Some days the surf is rough, some days it is calm or on the days when the sun glistens on its surface it is glorious.

If we learn to ride our emotions like the surf our levels of anxiety, stress and depression will pass.

Lets just learn to keep our emotions out of ‘the rip ……’

Peace and harmony to all.


Anxiety and depression

The majority of instances of anxiety and depression is simply a result of our habitual thought processes.

Check out  ACT Mindfully to find a way out.

Peace and harmony to all



Invitation to you!

I would like to hear your stories and sharing them here may help others.

Do you have a story to tell about anxiety, depression or self harm?

Do you have a story about living with an alcoholic or drug user?

do you have a funny story to bring a little laughter to us?

Please feel free to share…. Any topic is welcome!

When God Paints 10

You never know who may need to read your words and learn your story!

Peace and harmony to all


Don’t know where to look for help with Anxiety and Depression?

So many people just don’t know where to turn, when anxiety comes to stay. See this link to Mind Spot Clinic. It offers free resources for Anxiety and Depression.

send me an email to share your thoughts.  lonewolfharmony@gmail.com

When God Pains