Consequences of our actions

My simple philosophy is that, as healthy mature adult, we can behave however we wish, as long as we are prepared to face the consequences of our actions and are honest about our behaviour.

But society has forgotten about taking responsibility for its actions and facing the consequences.

Here are some example.

If you are dishonest at work, why do you get upset if you lose your job? It is a normal consequence of your dishonesty.

If you are ‘having an affair’ with a married person, why do you get upset if they can’t spend much time with you, or worse the spouse of your intimate friend finds out and is outraged and angry with you? It is a normal consequence of your behaviour.  No one MADE you start a relationship with someone who was married!

If you throw away your identity paperwork and board a boat for shores of another country, why get upset if you are treated with suspicion and not given the special treatment you demand? Your treatment is a consequence of your actions!

If you deal drugs, why cry poor me, when you are caught by the authorities and punished? It is a normal consequence of your behaviour.

When you rape or abuse a child, why cry that you are a victim? You had a choice.  Your treatment is a direct consequence of your behaviour.

If your treat another human being without respect, or are abusive to them, why get upset when they no longer want to be in your life?

There are many such examples if your look around.  Let’s all start truthfully noticing and let’s all start taking full and honest responsibility for our actions and decisions, being considerate of the consequences.

Parents, please don’t tell your 14 year old to get out of the house.  A normal consequence of that is that they will leave.

It is simple really.

The world would be a much better place.

Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf





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