Mother in laws


But seriously…. There is a battle ground that exists around mother in laws.

There are many reason why this might be the case, but trying to find plausible reasons, excuses and explanations doesnt really help.

I have had a number of clients lately who have verbalised a troublesome situation with mother in laws.

So how do we help them? Both the mother in laws and the people affected by them?

A support forum, would be a good place to start.

Most young brides for example believe they are the only ones with this issue.  I believe we need to share our stories and advice, with love, peace and harmony in our heart, so that these young people can find a win-win resolution to their issues …. And failing that, at least a way to cope with something that they can’t change.  Ultimately though, they will know that they are not alone.

Please share your stories here, anonymously if desired, to lend a helping hand to struggling young brides and grooms.

P.S BTW, I am a mother in law ????

Peace and harmony to all



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