… my lesson in trusting myself

Do you think that trust is one of the most important things in any relationship?

I have been beginning to think that ‘trusting YOURSELF’ every single time, is the most important thing… nothing else really matters.

A recent experience demonstrated that to me….

Those who follow my blog noticed that about four months ago I changed my name from ‘LoneWolf Harmony’ to ‘Lunar Wolf Harmony’.

You might also have noticed that my posts dramatically reduced at this time.

I pondered the name change long and hard, for years actually, before making the change, and I was finally swayed, by the opinion of a wonderful, caring soul.  A person who I have a great deal of time for and respect of, as well as a heathy dose of admiration.

However, with the name change, came a loss of interest in being ‘LunarWolf’ or ‘LoneWolf’

Then just the other day, I was chatting with a close friend and we were talking about the importance of teaching our young adults to TRUST themselves FIRST.

As the conversation continued, she asked me, why I wasn’t putting much on my blog lately… I explained the ‘whole name change thing’ and she looked at me and said… ‘you didn’t trust yourself first did you?’.

So as confusing as it may be for my followers, I will be re claiming my name ‘LoneWolf Harmony’

Thank you my friend, I will TRUST myself FIRST and you can expect more posts and other exciting things on my blog now.

Peace, harmony and love to all


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