Tips for living with lies

I have posted a couple of articles about the impact of people within our circle telling lies.

We know that we can’t change other people’s behaviour

We know that honesty and trust is important to us

Do we discard the friendship or relationship because of the lies?

Nearly 95% of people will say yes… But it might be your child that is telling you lies

So what do you do?

Here are a couple of little tips

  1. Ask yourself… Is there evil intent in the lie?
  2. Ask yourself …Does that lie threaten me, or harm me?
  3. If the answer to the above questions are “No”, then let the lie pass you by. Don’t give it any power.
  4. Last tip…. It has long been accepted that you ‘shouldn’t check up on others’.  However if you need to check up on someone who is lying to you, DON’T feel guilty.  As long as your intention is only for your own sense of safety and your own peace of mind.  Ask around, check if she is at the parent teacher meeting when she said she would be, or that your son really is having a sleepover at his mates.  DON’T let it become an obsession and DON’T use it as a power tool or control method over others. Just do it for your own peace of mind.  Over time, it will help you to answer the first two questions with clarity and make ‘living with a liar’ possible and peaceful for you.  Trust in yourself and it doesn’t matter about trust in others.

Peace and harmony to all



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