Cancer cures


There is so much information available about the fight to beat cancer.

I recently had two friends succumb to cancer. They put up a strong fight, they had all the standard treatments, they both had received the ‘all clear’, but both died within 3 months of being given that all clear.

I have to ask myself ‘why’?  They were both fit and healthy, living active lives before the initial cancer diagnosis, and during the 18 months they lived from that primary diagnosis, their quality of life was somewhat diminished.

One in particular verbalised that he would not have had all the surgery and treatment, if he had of known, the cancer would get him in such a short time frame anyway.  He would have enjoyed the last 18 months of his life, rather than being torturd by the treatments, until death pounced on him.

I have decided to look at alternative treatments and offer here, what information I find, so that you can research for yourself and make an informed decision, if your life is ever touched by cancer.

A cancer conquerors natural approach


Peace and harmony to all

Lone Wolf


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