7 Step Method for healing your own trauma

Yesterday I introduced a concept of re-experiencing trauma to untangle the threads of how it can dominate your life.

I have since, had the opportunity to take this one step further and undertake the 7 Step Method detailed in that article.  This link will take you directly to that ‘Method’ How to heal your own trauma.

As a practitioner of Reiki and being familar with meditation I found it easy to follow the steps without a support person.  However, please ensure you are confident in your ability to work without a support person before ‘going it alone’.

It is my belief, that you will have to continue using these 7 Steps over a period of time to feel the benefits.  Please don’t lose heart, if the results are not immediately felt.

If you fall asleep during your first attempt, do not feel let down, your body knows what it needs and sleep may be the best approach to this healing process in the first instance.

Please feel free to contact me, if you would like some guidance or advice with this process.

Peace and harmony to all




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